SunMed Labs Now N’ Lemonz Live Resin Sugar Review

By Tyler Mitchell

SunMed’s new concentrate lab has been cranking out new live resin concentrates & vapes since they’ve started production at the start of this year. Their 620,000 square feet of growing space, allows them to grow many different strains and use some of them for live resin concentrates.

As some may know, live resin is made by flash freezing the entire plant, right after harvest, locking in the plants uncured compounds and terpenes. Then filling lab equipment with those frozen plants, extracting the “live” compounds and terpenes. Lab technicians often mix together flowers from different strains to create unique profiles of concentrates, that produce different effects and flavor profiles. I recently took a few dabs of SunMed Labs’ Now N’ Lemonz Live Resin Sugar, that was made with their Now N’ Laterz (hybrid) and Lemon Skunk (sativa-hybrid) flower strains. (Sugar is a crystalline-type of concentrate, resembling amber-colored raw sugar.)

I really liked the effects because it was relaxing all over my body, but gave me enough focus for an afternoon working on the computer. The flavor was a nice balance of sour candy from the Now N’ Laterz and a fresh, citrusy flavor from the Lemon Skunk. As SunMed Labs dials in their processes and equipment, their quality and consistency will only improve and these concentrates will only get better and better!