By Arthur Moten

Three, two, one – LIFT-OFF! G6 is a chiefly Sativa-Hybrid strain that lets off the pungent odor of Jet Fuel. Its parents, Aspen OG x High Country Diesel, are forefathers of the Diesel lineage, & the herb itself summarizes what it means to be a member of their mighty family.

G6 tastes like its name suggest – Jet Fuel. The fuel flavor travels through & ignites you with a jolt of high energy that roars through your body with the force of a G6 engine. It all starts with clarity. What is likable about G6’s cognitive effects is that they’re nearly instant, making it easier to detect what has improved. Abruptly, the flower puts all racing thoughts & negativity to rest, encouraging a tranquil mind that is sharp & highly sensitive to stimulation. Although the effects are dominantly Sativa-Hybrid, the Aspen OG genetics bring about a calm that is great for patients who get paranoid easily. Aspen OG’s lineage extends back to Afghani, a heavy Indica-Hybrid, giving G6 calming properties that are diluted just enough to keep you on an even keel without getting tired – a hard find for many patients. The result is a truly revitalizing experience that makes work & toils a total breeze.

Better reserved for those with experience smoking cannabis, G6 can feel overwhelming for a novice patient. Clarity & sensitivity remain, but the buzzing should tone down to a slow, relaxing rhythm, letting you doze off into a serene existence after the heightened energy & productivity levels.