Prime Extracts Blue Cookies Vape Cartridge Review

Prime Extracts 500mg Vape Cartridge Review

By Graysen Levy

As someone who has previously been an indica person, both flower and concentrate alike, I have purposefully been choosing products outside of my comfort range. I have always been a fan of Prime Extracts and did take notice of the change in filter tip on the cartridge itself. This change supposedly came to increase air flow and discourage clogging in the cartridges, so I have been interested in seeing if this was actually the case.

This half gram distillate cartridge by Prime is a pretty balanced hybrid. With a total of 83.52% cannabinoids, a whopping 77.91% THC, with a great amount of THCv at .80%, which is extremely helpful in curbing those munchies as well as any anxiety. Some more notable cannabinoids present are 1.73% CBN, 1.73% CBG, 1.20% of CBC, all of which are great for helping with migraines, body and mind relaxation. With a total of 6.64% terpenes, I was extremely intrigued to feel the effects of the 2.19% beta-Caryophyllene, followed by .83% alpha-Humulene, .66% Terpineol, and .38% Linalool. I chose this any-time-of-day cartridge specifically for this interesting blend of terpenes that will be great for all day relief. 

The most prominent aspect of this cartridge has to be the taste. It hits you immediately on the first hit. The spice! It has a very floral, spicy flavor to it that is definitely thanks to all that beta-Caryophyllene. The same on the inhale as the exhale, I think I could tell this cartridge apart from all the others I carry with my eyes closed!

I very much enjoyed the mix of effects; my favorite being the heady, cerebral feelings of peacefulness and calm energy. Followed by a warm, traveling fuzzy body high that kept my joints feeling great throughout the long day!