Grassroots Chem de la Chem Sugar Product Review

By Tyler Mitchell

One of my favorite strains from Grassroots, Chem de la Chem is a classic sativa-dominant hybrid cultivar. This is a Chemdog cross with I-95, which have classic diesel fuel and sour aromas, as does this sugar concentrate from Grassroots! I was excited to try this, as I’ve enjoyed smoking the flower earlier this year.

The consistency of the sugar was very saucy and not too dry, not to mention the wonderful smell. The first initial hit from my dab rig, gave me a great fuel and sour flavor, followed by a classic Chemdog flavor (I can only describe as “dank gassy bud”). The effects were very powerful, giving me a buzzy head high while being very relaxing in the body. A perfect strain for the late afternoon after a hot day of helping someone move out or doing some creative work.

I would definitely recommend this to patients who are looking for a powerful heady concentrate, to help them ease pain in the body while allowing them to be alert and productive.  This concentrate is also a half gram, so it’s perfect if you’re not sure how’ll you’ll like this strain.

*Products for use by certified patients only.