ForwardGro Phatt Fruity Strain Review

By Nathan Montigny

Phatt Fruity (Afghani x North Indian x Mexican Strains) is a euphoric and relaxing indica-dominant hybrid strain from FrowardGro, here in Maryland. This flower has a skunky sweet and floral aroma coupled with a light earthy taste. When I smoked Phatt Fruity I used a 12” beaker style water pipe. Upon exhale within seconds a sense of euphoria and calm came over my mind and body giving this strain a very dynamic feel.

A light heaviness came over my body within several minutes after a second and third hit of the bowl pack. While this strain is not a sleepy or sedative strain, it does not have a particularly productive nature either. This strain is great for those who have the ability to smoke and relax without having to complete tasks or focus too hard on a project. The relaxing effects of this strain make it great for those looking for relief from anxiety as well as ease of minor aches and pains.

About ForwardGro:FowardGro is a locally owned and exclusive brand in Maryland, with a state-of-the-art greenhouse growing facility, and was the state’s first grower of medical cannabis in May 2017. You can always find their affordable medical cannabis in the Hunt Valley area, at our Cockeysville dispensary!