Exercise and activities are an important part of health and wellness. Chesacanna offers fitness programs, fun and exciting activities, classes, and educational events focused on exercise. Our Wellness Coaches can design specific programs based around your personal needs. Chesacanna is also affiliated with Fitnology Health and Human Performance; one of Baltimore’s premier fitness facilities and it is next door to our dispensary. This allows us access to Fitnology’s Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers for one on one, small group, sport specific, and team training! We encourage you to get started, join us on an active adventure, meet with one of our Wellness Coaches, or inquire about one of the many exercise programs featured at Fitnology!

“Remember any exercise is better than no exercise!”

Weight Loss and Cardio Programs:

Weight Loss and Cardio - Group running

Do you want to lose weight and or increase your cardiovascular ability? This program design can do that and more, combining effective cardio methods and metabolic strength training are the foundation to this highly effective routine. Created to fit your lifestyle to ensure the perfect strategy! Workouts are to be performed 4 times per week for 12 weeks and the duration will be determined based on the individual needs or each client. – $150.00

Strength and Conditioning Programs:

Woman doing benchpress with single weights

Preserving and building the foundation of muscle and bone density is extremely important, especially as we age. Our strength programs will ensure that you will increase your lean mass, loss body fat, and maintain good bone density. Resistance training utilizing weights, bands, and cable machines are the primary basis to our program design and these can be performed at any fitness facility. Workouts are to be performed 3 times per week for 12 weeks. – $150.00

In Home/ In Office Exercise Programs:

Woman in yoga pose while working out at home

Simple and effective exercise programs that can be performed at your home or in the office. Workouts are designed to be 30 minutes and completed 4 times per week for 12 weeks. – $150.00

One on One, Small Group, and Team Training:

Group of women working out

Contact Wellness Coach Marc Spataro, to find out the many ways that personal training can be incorporated into your life style at Fitnology Health and Human Performance!

Activities, Classes, and Educational Events

Paddle boarding at sunset.

Please check our event calendar to learn about the many fun and exciting activities, classes, and events being held at Chesacanna.