Epic Mimosa Sugar Wax Product Review

By Stan Whitley

Epic Concentrates are one of the relatively newer processors to the Maryland market where we already have some pretty top-notch companies and products. They definitely didn’t disappoint with this Mimosa Sugar Wax that has such a beautiful taste that lingers around for long after the exhale. Upon opening the container it gives off very floral and fruity odors that are true to the Mimosa strain we all know and love.

This product is a perfect any-time kind of concentrate to get you through any part of the day. The consistency of the sugar wax is absolutely perfect to say the least. You can use a dab tool or even pick it right up with your fingers making the overall convenience of this product a must-have for any patient’s arsenal of products.

Now we all know products’ quality and potency vary from batch to batch but this one of Mimosa Sugar Wax is a very calm and uplifting sativa-dominant strain that gives you a slight energizing feel while not inducing any anxiety or giving off any jittery feelings. It also has a very nice pain relief aspect to it which I found to be very useful during the day when out and about doing daily activities.