Durban Cindy Live Resin Sugar Product Review

By Stan Whitley

The Durban Cindy Live Resin Sugar from Cresco has a very pungent smell when you first open the container, giving off a very gassy smell with a hint of pine. I chose to try the Durban Cindy Live Resin Sugar using a dab straw because it is a nice simple method of consumption for smokers of all experience levels. I found the effects to be extremely fast-acting, and they lasted for quite a long time considering the size of my dab, which I chose to go smaller than usual. What I liked about the effects of this strain was the super uplifting and energizing feeling without any of the anxiety that tends to come with certain Sativa dominant strains. It also had a very pleasant pain relief factor to it as well, which I was very happy to be feeling. I would recommend this strain to anybody who is looking for a nice, non-anxiety-inducing pick-me-up, while also receiving the pain relief they are looking for.