District Cannabis Gelato Cake Shatter Review

By Tyler Mitchell

We are so excited to finally have District Cannabis products on our shelves here at Chesacanna! I’ve bought District Cannabis flower and batter at other dispensaries before, and have loved their Gelato Cake strain (Wedding Cake x Gelato 33). I was really excited to try Gelato Cake in shatter form, especially because the total terpenes are testing at about 6.5% which is fairly high for shatter.

The color is a nice golden amber that is very translucent and shines in the sunlight. I broke off a piece about half the size of dime and loaded it in my Puffco Peak Pro, set to 5oo°F. The first hit is just a flavor burst of the Gelato Cake flavor, sweet and dieselly tasting. The effects are definitely indica-dominant, relieved stress and stiffness in my body, and relaxed my mind.

If you haven’t checked out District Cannabis, you should definitely take a look at their website and all that they do for the locally cannabis community. Not to mention all their strain & product information, so keep on the lookout for their flower on our menu at Chesacanna soon!