Curio Bonkers Flower Review

By Stan Whitley

Bonkers from Curio is one of my go-to sativa dominant hybrids when I am really looking for an enjoyable day-time high. It has a sweet, gassy, fruity, and a little bit of an earthy smell as well as taste. With its mother being Lemon Tree and its father being Cookies and Cream, both of those strains come together to make the wonderfully curated “Bonkers” that most of us patients have grown to enjoy over the past few years.

What I enjoy most about this strain is the strong cerebral effects that are slightly reminiscent of the classic strain Headband. About ten years ago, in the first few years of my journey with cannabis, it felt like every other strain of flower I got was either a Headband type of strain or a variant Sour Diesel so it is nice to have a strain that can give me great relief while also giving me a little bit of a nostalgic feeling to top it off.

Now as time goes on, I find myself choosing to medicate with predominantly indica or indica-hybrid strains as they seem to give me the most effective and long-lasting relief. Although I more so choose relaxing strains, it is always important to have a little bit of variety just in case all the strains you have are super relaxing, yet you need to be productive and get things done during the day while still being medicated. Bonkers is one strain that will always find its way into my rotation of products that I medicate with. Stop by Chesacanna in Cockeysville and try it for yourself if you haven’t yet!