Crystals For Healing

By Caroline Pritchard

Working with crystals is a fun, inexpensive and highly rewarding healing experience that has been gifted to us from Mother Earth. I hope this blog gives you some helpful tips on how to witness the healing power of crystals and improve your life!

First, it is important to set an intention, cleanse and activate your crystal.  Different crystals have different healing properties so it is helpful to set your intention based on the healing properties of the crystal. Do whatever works for you and trust your intuition, because only YOU know exactly what you need!

  • To activate your crystal you must cleanse and charge your crystal, while deciding your intention.

How and why to cleanse your crystal?


It is helpful to cleanse your crystal once you get it so it is a “blank slate” and ready to absorb the energy and intention that you put into it. This ritual also helps to strengthen your connection to your crystal and galvanize the healing bond you are creating.


  • Place your crystal in the moon or sunlight to charge for 4 hours or overnight, your crystal will be infused with the healing magic of the sun and the moon.
  • Light sage or palo santo on fire and run the crystal through the smoke to cleanse it. By cleansing it we are getting rid of the negative vibes and allowing all the positive healing vibes to be stored in the crystal
  • Place the crystal in the soil of a healthy houseplant to cleanse and recharge the crystal to absorb all of the healthy healing vibes of the plant.
  • Bathe the crystal, in running water to cleanse the crystal and recharge it with water

Tip: Pick whatever ritual speaks to you or create your own!

We have lots of healing crystals here at the Chesacanna Wellness Shop here at Chesacanna, so read on to learn all about the crystals we carry.  

Below is an extensive list that describes each crystal’s healing properties both emotional and physical, as well as tips on how to use them. 

When reading these descriptions pay attention to how you feel when you read each description, often you may feel drawn to certain crystals that are meant for you. Also only take the information that resonates with you and leave the rest, this journey is meant to be personal and we all have different truths. With that being said dive into these descriptions and come down to Chesacanna and we will be honored to help you on your healing journey!


  • Connects you to your higher self and helps strengthen your throat chakra, allowing you to speak your truth and spread love through your voice. Also helps you manifest your dreams into reality and Amazonite reminds you that you have everything you need inside of you.

Health Benefits: Is said to clear congestion in from the chest and throat areas as well as easing sore throats or coughs. This crystal also helps support you in processing physical or emotional traumas.

Tips: Wear or carry amazonite with you to connect to your higher self and receive guidance on how to deal with emotional or relationship challenges.


  • This soothing purple crystal is full of divine love and helps connect and strengthen your intuition. This crystal is a great crystal to have in the bedroom to promote a deep loving sleep while helping to wash away the anxieties of the day or night.

Health Benefits: Calms and balances the nervous system providing relief from headaches and migraines

Tips: place under your pillow to improve the quality of sleep or wear or carry amethyst to help calm mental stress


  • A powerful crystal that surrounds you with the loving energy of angels and provides you with calm and comfort, just like being in the arms of a guardian angel. Angelite helps transform emotions such as stress, tension, and into forgiveness, understanding and divine love.

Health Benefits: Brings a gentle soothing healing energy into the space of whoever is working with this crystal. Used to open the throat chakra to allow higher levels of communication with your angels and spirit guides

Tips: Carry angelite to remind yourself that you are never alone and you walk your path with angels.

Black Tourmaline

  • This crystal is popular for cleansing and protecting your energy field from negative energies. It also helps to anchor and ground your energy into healing.

Healing Benefits: Helps your body detoxify all its systems while balancing your energetic framework within. 

Tips: wear or carry this crystal to stay grounded and laser-focused on the present moment. This crystal also helps counteract electromagnetic stress.

Clear Quartz

  • The ultimate manifestation crystal. Clear Quartz has a powerful energy that helps charge or cleanse a space/crystal and raise the vibration. It is thought of as the universal healer because it connects to all chakras throughout the body. If a clear quartz is calling to you, it may indicate you need some clarity on something in your life.

Health Benefits: clears and energizes the chakras and increases the power of concentration and focus.

Tips: This quartz amplifies the thoughts that are programmed in it so make sure you pick something that is for the highest good for yourself, the earth and humanity. This is a powerful crystal.


  • This is a beautiful pale blue crystal helps balance the mind and body while enhancing a sense of inner peace. This crystal is powerful and can support you in healing your deepest emotional wounds.

Health Benefits: Many benefits to the eyes such as clarifying the vision and soothing soreness in the eyes. Helpful for throat problems such as coughing, hoarseness or soreness. It is also said to help support the lungs or breathing problems, especially when stress-related.  

Tips: put this crystal under your pillow to help with troubled sleeping patterns. Put chalcedony on your third eye (between your eyebrows) to help open and broaden your perception.

Green-and-Purple Fluorite

  • Balances the home and heart and supports new beginnings whether that be a new job, relationship, or new child etc. Will help maintain a soothing, peaceful, and welcoming ambience in your home. Helps you welcome the new with open arms, harmony and love.

Health Benefits: Cleanses and replenishes the energy field around the body

Tip: wear or carry this crystal to enhance relaxation and bring peace and joy into all areas of your life

Tiger’s Eye

  • Grounding, centering and helps cultivate courage to fully step into your power with confidence and support from the universe. It helps shield and protect the aura and energy field from negativity as well as remove any energetic blocks that may be present in your solar plexus (upper abdomen).

Health benefits: thought to support a healthy metabolism, healthy eyes and prevents physical energy from being depleted. Helps calm and restore the mind and body

Tip: Meditate with this crystal to provide a grounding “anchor”lower body and provide a rooted platform for your spiritual expansion

Lapis Lazuli

  • This beautiful crystal helps you gather the courage to shine your light into this world. It will help you manifest the self confidence that lives inside you so you can speak your truth and offer your specific remedy to this world.

Health benefits: helps soothe headaches and migraines

Tips: wear or carry this crystal around to promote self confidence and help you facilitate your soul’s purpose


  • This is a great beginner crystal because its energy is subtle, calming and very supportive. Interestingly, it helps you connect to your ancestors and resolve any new or old familial issues that may be holding you back from fully healing.

Health benefits: alleviates lower back tension and supports reproduction. It also helps support the immune system by clearing the toxins in your body

Tips: place on forehead or hold in hands to promote calmness and serenity


  • Connects your spirit to your true self and allows you to push back the fear and self doubt and fully step into your true identity. When the spirit connects with sodalite it allows you to feel free of fear, authentic, and ready to speak your truth.

Health Benefits: helps clear the throat and sinuses while soothing the vocal cords

Tips:  meditate with this crystal and approve your ability to let go of everyday concerns and fully focus on just being


  • In my opinion, Selenite is a must have crystal for many reasons. For one it helps charge and cleanse any crystal that is placed in its presence. Additionally, it is a powerful crystal to energetically cut through negative energy and replace it with high vibes.

Health Benefits: Effects all chakras, cleansing and aligning them with your spiritual purpose.

Tips: Put 4 selenite crystals in the 4 corners of your house to protect your energy field keeping your space in a healing peaceful and positive vibration at all times.

Rose Quartz

  • Supportive to the heart in a variety of ways, whether that be promoting love with oneself or love with others. Helps encourage and or awaken the appreciation of beauty and yourself, others and on earth.

Health benefits: Supports your hearts in many ways such as physically by easing both physical stress that may manifest in panic attacks or emotional stress that can present itself in a variety of ways and emotions.

Tip: place where the energy of love and healing is needed

Smoky Quartz

  • This crystal is thought to focus and ground a person’s energy into the present moment bringing in a sense of peace and calm. It helps protect your entire home and human energy field/aura from negative energy

Health Benefits: Helps ease pain in the lower body such as the hips, legs, and lower back. Is thought to counteract the effects of radiation (electromagnetic fields around television or computer etc.)

Tip: Hold or place over any area that is experiencing tension and let smoky quartz remove all the negative energy.

Information for this blog post was inspired by Jennie Harding’s book titled Crystals as well as another book titled Essential Guide to Crystals by Simon and Sue Lily, that is available in the Chesacanna Wellness Shop.