Cresco SWS x WW Live Resin Budder Review

By Tyler Mitchell

Cresco Labs has knocked it out of the park, with their recent batches of live resin concentrates, because I must say, this Southwest Stomper (SWS) x Willie’s Wonder (WW) live resin budder is one of my all-time favorites. SWS x WW is an indica leaning hybrid, with Southwest Stomper being a hybrid cross of Grape Stomper x Afgooey, and William’s Wonder being an unknown pure indica strain, some say was named after Willie Nelson!

As soon as I opened the glass jar, I was hit with a pungent, musky ripe mango aroma and with a slight diesel undertone. The look of the live budder was exactly what I like to see; glistening  with terpenes, and the consistency of a smooth cake badder. I loaded up my Puffco Peak Pro, inhaled amazing flavor and blew large clouds at around 500 degrees.

The flavor was more of the same musky ripe mango and dank diesel-y cannabis, which I loved. The effects were on point for an indica leaning hybrid, offering nice body relaxation and head decompression. I couldn’t get over the aroma and flavor of this live resin budder, as it leaves a nice coating of terps in your mouth afterwards. I would recommend this product for anytime of the day when you’re trying to relax, because though it gives relaxation & calming effects, it didn’t give me sleepy, couch lock effects.

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