Cresco Pie Crust Live Sugar Review

By Jack Uemoto

Sold in over 700 dispensaries across the nation, Cresco Labs is the largest multi-state cannabis company in the Country. From personal experience, I can say that Cresco medical cannabis is always top notch and the quality remains consistent in all of their products. I present a Cresco product that I recently had the pleasure of trying, the Rise Pie Crust Live Sugar which is a sativa live resin concentrate.

The flavor/smell is very peppery with a hint of pine. In my opinion, this is the perfect thing to dab after a long day at work. This product can make you feel happy, creative, and relaxed. It can also provide mild pain relief and allow you to focus while easing your mind.

If you’re wondering what a Live Sugar is, it’s a shimmery crystalline concentrate which is derived from fresh, frozen cannabis. This process helps to ensure maximum cannabinoid and terpene retention making for an aromatic and potent product. The consistency is similar to raw sugars mixed with honey. Although the Rise Pie Crust Live Sugar is now one of my personal favorites, Cresco produces a wide variety of premium cannabis for every type of patient to enjoy. Find Cresco products like this one right now, at our Cockeysville dispensary!