Cookies x SunMed Mixed Light Blood Moon Flower Review

By Stan Whitley

Blood Moon looks to be the latest strain to come from the lifestyle and cannabis brand named Cookies. With a big brand like Cookies having dispensaries in seven states across the nation, they often partner with growers from different areas so that the brand isn’t limited to just those seven states. SunMed is now Cookies’ second partnership in Maryland, which allows all patients access to Cookies brand products at a lower price than previous Maryland Cookies products.

Their flower is considered “Mixed-Light” grown (as opposed to “indoor” or “outdoor” grown) because they use artificial light, as well as sunlight because of their “dutch-style” greenhouse facility. Not only did Cookies partner with SunMed to grow their flower but SunMed is also making Cookies brand cartridges as well, which are very high quality just like the flower.

The genetics of this strain are EmergenC x Kush Mints, which make for a wonderful uplifting hybrid that puts you in a focusing but yet relaxing state of mind. Blood Moon has an interesting odor; what seems to be a very funky smell upon opening the bag quickly turns into this hodge-podge of smells containing a slight citrus aroma, a fresh and clean lavender kind of smell, and a little bit of earthiness all crammed in one.

This strain is particularly helpful on days when I need to be medicated but I still need to get a whole list of things done. For instance, the other day after I stopped by Chesacanna, I enjoyed a nice joint of the Blood Moon which seemed to really encourage me to start cleaning up my whole apartment, therefor kickstarting me into a very productive day. While I usually tend to stay away from the more sativa dominant strains, Blood Moon was just the right sativa-hybrid to not make me feel anxious but still give me a nice, uplifting, focusing and slightly energetic kind of feeling.