Black Raspberry Road THCa Tincture by Verano Avexia

by Graysen Levy

I have suffered from psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis for as long as I can remember. Often, I wake up and my body feels so stiff, as if I have to crack each and every joint and limb like a glow stick just to get going for the day. On days where there is rainy, foggy, or damp weather, my joints especially seem to suffer. Sometimes, areas like my fingers or ankles will swell so much that my ring and shoes get noticeably tighter. Sometimes I lay awake twirling my ankle to subside the feeling. I have struggled for years from being on drugs like Naproxen very early in life to try to combat it to not much avail. Therefore, I’ve had my eyes on the THCa tincture for almost 2 years now.

THCa inherently is the precursor cannabinoid to THC and does not induce any psychoactivity. Once THCa is altered by heat, it will change to THC. THC is good for pain and inflammation, but through other studies I’ve discovered that THCa is extremely good for combating inflammation. The THCa Tincture by Verano is 1,000mg total, one of the highest mg available in a dispensary, which I really enjoy since it’s not a widely known or used cannabinoid. The oil is a very clear liquid emulating a smell that is so unique, but hard to pinpoint the words to describe it. A slight hempy, cannabis smell that is mixed quite well with the fruity aroma that is so appealing. On my first taste, it had a strong blackberry citrus flavor, matching its ‘Black Raspberry Road’ description quite well. Since I would be taking this tincture anywhere from 1-2 times a day, I am very glad that it has a fun aroma and taste to it.

I’ve been taking about a half or 3/4 of a dropper under my tongue for about 2 weeks, once in the morning and once around the time when I get home from work, after having dinner. The night time dose, I feel it helps my body to ease and relax after standing on my feet all day at work. I feel it also primes my body for sleep and I no longer feel the need to twirl my ankles for as long to get rid of the hot, swelling feeling that is not as much present. In the morning, I feel it helps me get ready for the day quicker. Usually I feel stiff for almost 2 hours after waking up, now I feel I am more ready and prepared for the day within 30 min-1 hour after taking the tincture. I’ve noticed my joints are less painful during the day, I can be a little bit more flexible, and the inflammation in my body can be controlled for a bit of time without me having any ‘head high’ or fogginess which I really, really enjoy.