Alchemist Red Velvet Live Resin Apple Sauce Review

By Tyler Mitchell

Chesacanna has recently added to our menu of premium live resin concentrates from a brand new processing laboratory named Alchemist! I was excited to finally try what they had to offer and see some different styles of cannabis concentrate from a new lab. I decided on trying their Red Velvet (Lemon Cherry Gelato x Pina Acai) Live Resin Apple Sauce, coming in at 77.81% THCa and a whopping 8.815% in total terpenes, with 2.72% Limonene as the highest terp. I was super intrigued to see what the consistency of this “apple sauce” would be.

When I twisted open the lid, I was immediately greeted with the immense smell of the Red Velvet strain, notes of dank lemon cannabis, sweet cake and a slight cinnamon smell (apple sauce?). The consistency was just as I suspected, a saucy, wet live resin sugar that looked exactly like the consistency of apple sauce, but bright yellow! Sauce is sometimes hard to work with a dab tool, but this was a perfect consistency of sugar and sauce, in my opinion.

I took a dab of this after a long day of work, and I was blown away with the slightly indica-leaning effects. It relaxed my body perfectly but with nice cerebral effects that I enjoyed while binge watching a new streaming show. The taste was very similar to the smell, dank lemon, sweet cake, and a slight taste I can only describe as Red Hots candy/spicy cinnamon candy flavor. I really liked the overall effects and flavor a lot, I would definitely recommend trying out Alchemist live resin concentrate products at Chesacanna in the Hunt Valley area.

Alchemist also makes other cannabis concentrate products, not as well known about; like Eden Solventless concentrates such as, Moroccan Hash, Live Rosin Carts, Bubble Hash, & Live Rosin Cold Cure Badder and Temple Nepalese Hash Temple Balls. They are sourcing flower from a lot of different growers in Maryland, so look out for more premium concentrates, as we receive them at here at Chesacanna in Cockeysville!