1937 Bubba Kush Clean-Pressed Hash

By Tyler Mitchell

Hash or “hashish” is one of the oldest methods of concentrating cannabis. Believed to have been popularized around AD 900, hash is made from trichomes, the resinous glands (crystals) that cover the surface of the cannabis plant.

There are a few different methods to making hash, but 1937 uses a solvent-less “Dry-Sift” method. This method uses vibrational movement to separate the trichomes from the cannabis buds through screens to finely separate them from other plant material. After the trichomes are separated, heat and pressure is applied to compact the trichomes into small bricks of hash.

The best thing I love about hash is that one small puff of hash is almost equal to smoking a full bowl-pack of whole-plant cannabis. And this Bubba Kush hash was no exception! Made from 1937’s Bubba Kush cultivar, a classically heavy indica strain, I was excited to try it. I first put a rice-sized portion into a bubbler to taste and feel it’s effects on its own. 

It’s flavor is sweet and herbal, and the effects are very much true to the strain’s heavy indica effects. Within 15 seconds I felt relaxing effects start in my head that moved down into my body, and felt nice and medicated from one puff. Afterwards, I put a few more tiny pieces on top of a bubbler bowl pack of indica flower to help put my body in total relaxation. The effects were definitely heavy and helped me go to sleep fast. There’s no wonder that people have loved hash for centuries, it’s so versatile: smoke it on it’s own, top your flower bowl packs with it, roll it up in a joint, or even dab it!